What we offer

At Tigh-Na-Muirn we offer a range of excellent quality facilities and a number of sumptuously decorated reception rooms to ensure our guests are comfortable and always have a choice as to how they spend their time. Tigh-Na-Muirn is split between the main building and our garden wing.

In the main building, we have a wood panelled dining room and a main lounge with a beautiful Adam style fireplace where guests can make themselves completely at home. Upstairs, we have a reception room which fills up with sunlight during the day.

Our in house salon provides hairdressing and a full range of beauty therapy services, including podiatry. We also provide a dry cleaning service and regularly organize eye checks with a visiting optician.

Food and Dining

Tigh-Na-Muirn prides itself on providing a silver service dining experience with an emphasis on home made food. Our head chef works closely with the kitchen team to make sure meal times are always a special occasion. At meal times you’ll find a large selection of dishes catering to a range of tastes and reflecting any special dietary requirements. On a typical day at Tigh-Na-Muirn you can expect your choice of breakfast served in bed with a three course lunchtime meal, tea and coffee served during the day with homemade cakes and a fruit basket, and a wonderful two course evening meal. Before sitting down to meals, guests are offered a drink from either of our bars, and to round off the day we serve a range of home made sandwiches and drinks.

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Tigh-Na-Muirn was built by James Low of Low's foundry in 1893, then sold to Mr Low's factory manager who used it as a private residence until the 1920s. Sir William Walker of Jute Industries took it over and it stayed in the Walker family until 1986. Peter and Carol Philip, the current owners, bought the house in 1987 and lovingly converted it into the luxury care home you see today. They opened the doors to private residents in 1991.

While this website will endeavour to communicate a flavour of the happy atmosphere, there can be no substitute for a visit, where you can stroll around the house and grounds and chat to our guests. How they describe their stay will not only convey more that we ever could, it also lets us know that many efforts have been worthwhile.

There is no substitute for a visit, where you can stroll around the home and grounds and chat to our guests. Visit Us