At Tigh-Na-Muirn one to one interaction with guests is considered as important as group activities in maintaining general wellbeing. Our activities team are dedicated to supporting all of our guests from the moment they arrive.

We strive to give our guests a very high quality of life, and enrich them in both body and spirit. The activities team play a vital role in the daily lives of all our guests. Our team consists of four full time dedicated coordinators who work closely with guests in organising a selection of daily activities and events.

In house activities

We do a variety of in house activities such as flower arranging, baking, arts, crafts, and quizzes as well as the occasional impromptu tea dance. We also have live entertainment once a week and a mild exercise class with a professional instructor twice a month. Close ties with the local primary school across the road means the occasional visit from schoolchildren. We keep rabbits and chickens in the grounds, and guests are welcome to feed the animals and collect eggs from the chickens. Those with an interest in gardening can spend time in our bountiful greenhouse, picking ripe tomatoes, planting seeds or pruning plants.


Tigh-Na-Muirn has its own transportation which allows us to escort guests in total comfort to and from medical appointments as well as on personal shopping trips and recreational visits. We have a full size minibus which is wheelchair accessible as well as a wheelchair accessible people carrier.


It is a long standing tradition at Tigh- Na-Muirn to have an annual cocktail party for guests and their relatives. This was originally held at Christmas time but it has evolved into a Burns night celebration. The cocktail party is a huge hit with our guests and is always a great chance for relatives to experience the special atmosphere of Tigh-Na-Muirn. In more recent years we have taken part in the world’s largest Macmillan coffee morning.

Trips out

There are weekly trips to local tea dances, coffee shops, and garden centres as well as trips further afield. Guests have the opportunity to socialise out with the home as we have close ties with The Age Concern centre where we attend tea dances and seasonal events organised by them.

There is no substitute for a visit, where you can stroll around the home and grounds and chat to our guests. Visit Us